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Many cabinet dealers – who are legally considered contractors – in Palm Beach County are not properly licensed to sell and install your cabinets. A tax certificate (formerly referred to as a business license) alone is not sufficient. Contractors must have a Palm Beach County Contractors Certificate of Competancy or be licensed by the State of Florida. To earn a a County license, it is necessary to have worked in the required field for a minimum of three years of which one and one half years must have been in a supervisory capacity; you must then pass a licensing examination, be bonded and insured, and show the financial stability of your business. Kitchens by Lenore is fully licensed and our contractor number is U-20993.

If you purchase cabinets from an unlicensed contractor, there is a possibility that your project may be shut down which can cause delays and additional expenses in completing your project. Using unlicensed contractors may also expose you to other liabilities as well.

The section below has been excerpted from the Construction Industry Licensing Board’s website:



Each year the staff of the Construction Industry Licensing Board of Palm Beach County assists the public in recovering several hundred thousands of dollars in would-be losses.

You can be your best defense against losses by not dealing with uncertified contractors.

Using qualified, certified contractors is not just a good idea, it’s the law.

Verify your contractor’s certification

You may verify your contractor’s certificate of competancy and insurance information by calling the Department at (561) 233-5525 or by using the following on-line link:

PBC Planning, Building & Zoning


Kitchens By Lenore is fully insured for Liability and Workers Compensation far in excess of the minimums required by law. In addition to those policies, we also maintain a contractor’s surety bond with Palm Beach County.

We will be happy to provide any client with a Certificate of Insurance showing the policies and coverage limits upon request.

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