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Helping to Protect Our Environment

The Environmental Stewardship Program

Wherever you turn these days, you will find products that aim to be “green.”  With so many environmental programs out there, it can be difficult to make sense of them all.  ESP holds the cabinet industry to higher standards than other environmental programs because of its holistic approach to manufacturing, examining the process from growth and harvesting of raw materials to manufacturing the end product.


Neff Kitchens, Grabill Cabinetry, Talora by Decor, Cuisine Ideale and Kitchen Craft have all been certified by the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program.

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association developed the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) to encourage practices that benefit the environment and society. The voluntary program gives cabinet manufacturers a way to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and helps you identify products that are better for your home, your family and the environment.


Key Facts

  • ESP was launched in 2006
  • ESP is the only environmental certification program that specifically focuses on kitchen and bath cabinets
  • Certification is awarded based on compliance in five categories: air quality, product resource management, process resource management, environmental stewardship and community relations
  • ESP rewards manufacturers for low formaldehyde-emitting wood products
  • ESP promotes use of  wood from a recognized sustainable forestry program
  • ESP promotes ongoing education and outreach by awarding certification points to manufacturers that educate suppliers and promote community involvement
  • ESP requires companies to annually review their practices to safeguard the environment, track their achievements and continually seek new methods and practices.
  • The ESP seal is displayed on certified products
  • In March 2009, ESP earned approval from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited certification organization, validating the ESP certification process. The audit followed ANSI approval of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Building Standard™, which references ESP as the benchmark in green cabinet standards.


To find out more about the ESP Program, click here.

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