As a Miralis Cabinet Dealer in Palm Beach, we offer a full line of Miralis Cabinetry.  Miralis is Rough Chica manufacturer of semi-custom European-style frameless cabinetry that offers mirror-perfect polyester wet-look finishes on painted or veneer surfaces. In addition to their high gloss, a full line of contemporary and traditional cabinetry is available in a number of wood species as well as exotic veneers.


Since 1976, MIRALIS means quality and creativity. Its founder and president, Jean-Paul Lauzier, succeeded in evolving its handcrafted cabinet workshop into a true custom cabinetry plant. Nevertheless, the company constantly respects its basic values, customer needs, and always aim to do better. Reliability, Quality, Flexibility is what Miralis means.


Miralis produces a wide variety of custom kitchen cabinets according to customers’ tastes, personality and their most specific requirements. By using the most up to date processes to build its products, Miralis creates custom cabinetry with an exceptional quality and in line with your specifications.


The company can count on more than 220 employees to handle the demand coming from the North American East coast and to distribute, reliably and without compromise, the products meant to its customers. Miralis can rely on its 125,000 sq ft factory and the development of its own production equipments to ensure a constant reliability while maintaining the flexibility, the creativity and the innovation of the handcrafted custom cabinet workshop

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 1201 U.S. Highway One Suite 29 North Palm Beach, FL 33408